Chandra Shekhar M B


Chandra Shekhar M B

Illustrator, Graphic and Web Designer
Phone: 09740332684
Address: # 14/1, Nandanavana
‘A’ Street, Jogupalya, Ulsoor
Bangalore – 560 008

Chandra Shekhar M B is an Illustator having more than 12 years of experience as graphic designer,  3 years of experience in web designing and also into teaching young budding designing students

Presently working in ‘PRAYAS’, a computer and iPad Training Center for individuals with ASD as Illustrator, UI Designer, Content Developer in Designing and Teaching them to inculcate design as their part of expression and communication to the people in large around them.


  • Specialized in Visualization and Designing for different applications using different softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design and Flash
  • Realized in application of the latest technology like iPad User Interface in creating designs through illustrations for teaching students
  • Photography, Painting, Drawing, Sketching and Classical Animation
  • Audio and Video Editing
  • Hunger to learn more and more


  • Latest key role in the career was to develop illustrations through Illustrator software which is used in the Content Development for the Prayas students which helps them learn the lessons in pictorial form.
  • Bring awareness among young kids about the latest medias which they can use in there academics and bring out there inner talent in the presentable format and to communicate them self to the world.
  • Conducted many designing workshops on various aspects of designing software and their usage and to take designing field as a professional
  • Latest role in the career was as a illustrator and to equip young budding designers with industrial standards in the area of color theory, principle of design, aesthetics, basic drawing skills like anatomy, perspective, sketching and painting
  • Presently working on the Prayas Lab computer and iPad training project supported technically by SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd. as Illustrator, Graphic and Web Designer related to develop Illustrations, maintaining website, designing the needs of the Parayas Lab


  • Master of Visual Art (Applied Art) from DMS Lalitha Kala Academy, Mysore
  • Bachelor of Fine Art (Applied Art) from DMS Lalitha Kala Academy, Mysore
  • Trained and Certified from ZICA in Classical Animation, Malleshwaram, Bangalore, (2012)


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