PRAYAS-Concept,Method, Plans and Possibilities

  1. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?
  1. What is the equation between Autism and Technology?
  1. How did project Prayas start?
  • Autism Society of India and PRAYAS The Concept PDF. CLICK HERE
  • Project PRAYAS_Beginning PDF. CLICK HERE
  1. What were the mile stones achieved by project Prayas?
  1. How can one start a Prayas Lab?
  • Prevocational Skills ASD PDF. CLICK HERE
  • Elements of Capacity Building Programme_ Autism and Technology PDF. CLICK HERE
  • Prayas Parent Empowerment Programme PDF. CLICK HERE
  1. What has been the growth of Prayas- Reports?
  1. Future Programmes at Prayas
  • Future Plan Prayas _ vision in brief PDF. CLICK HERE
  • Future Plan Prayas@Home PDF. CLICK HERE
  • Future Plans India Model Replication of Prayas PDF. CLICK HERE
  1. Admission in project PrayasCLICK HERE
  1. Important Papers by Dr. Sathyaprakash Ramdoss on Autism and TechnologyCLICK HERE



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