Prayas: A Computer and iPad Training Center for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders  
Feedback: Batch III (June 2012-October 2012) 

Mrs. Sadhana Singh: Ujjwalika’s mother

Prayas Computer training Programme is different in many ways

Some of these are following –

  • It is not bookish
  • Children are learning by doing
  • It is a Sustainable training
  • By doing children are learning how to utilize various computer applications in different context.
  • On computer they are working on various worksheets of English and maths.
  • Doing all the worksheet, and getting results Children’s are learning better than only mugging it up. So above all it is useful, interesting and enabling children to do something by that they can learn by enjoying it too.

Bharathi R 

  • Prayas customizes to each Childs needs; generate interest in the child to do something on the computer.
  • It provides an atmosphere, so as to make a child with sensory and behavioral issues comfortable.

Kavitha V: Nantha’s mother

  • Prayas works for the uplift of Autistic Children and is not money motivated.
  • Parents are also involved in the programme & this ensures the success in long run.
  • Prayas conducts workshops which are very useful to parents.
  • Prayas is very innovative.
  • Prayas has a friendly atmosphere.

Sita Lakshmi: Divya’s mother

  • Prayas programme is awesome and great.
  • The worksheets are really good; they cover all the areas of cognitive function of the children.
  • The programme helps child gain speed in computer typing, functionalizes the child on all the areas of computer, keys, toolbars of MS Excel, Word power point and Adobe Illustrator.
  • The programme is enjoyed by the child very much- highly educative, informative and enjoyable program for ASD kids.

Sindhu Asok: Aswin’s mother

  • It helped to know about the functions and options of windows.
  • Worksheets are simple.

Raj Kumar: Sharan’s Dad

  • It gives adequate exposure for typing on day to day activities, both on general and particular topics.
  • Gives training in handling iPad

Anusuya: Anubhav’s mother

  • Very well designed programme for children with Autism
  • Focused activities involving computer software and internet
  • Opportunity for children to work independently and creatively.
  • One to one teacher- student interaction.

Suman Rao: Krithi’s mother

  • Individual attention and compatible subjects for each child’s level of functioning.
  • Child can put in his/her own perspective in expressing about self.
  • Working on specific deficit areas
  • Engaging in dealing with problematic behavior
  • Possibility of interaction with and links formed with parents of other kids with similar issues.

Brinda: Prithvi’s mother

  • The programme specifies parents to work along with the child, so we get to know how the child is working- his strength and weakness.
  • The programme is designed according to the level of child, it is child specific
  • For low- functioning kids the time has been efficiently allocated between iPad and Computer.

Kala Raman: Bhargav’s mother

  • The programme is really beneficial to each and every Autistic child in different aspects.
  • Atmosphere is so calm and quite which enables the child to concentrate on whichever activities he is supposed to do and understand.
  • And lastly, iPad, which is an attractive thing even for the non-verbal child to interact or communicate.

Vijaya: Ramya’s mother

  • Prayas training programme is good.
  • This kind of programme we never came across.
  • It helped my daughter to learn more computer skills
  • Thank you for your support.

Pratiksha: Manan’s mother

  • The programme is designed well and gives the child to learn system ethically.
  • Friendly atmosphere for learning.

Nasreen: Arshad’s mother

  • The programme for me is not only helped my child but also helped me. I got to know his capability.
  • Need to be modified a little for each children
  • Very calm and peaceful atmosphere for Arshad, he has really learnt a lot.
  • Wish it was more than 5 months.
  • A very big thank you to Kavita and all her staff

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